Zynga Poker Review | Facebook and Standalone

Zynga Poker Dashboard for Texas Holdem’. Incredible graphics. Fast or slow play settings. Free play money constantly. It’s easy to get addicted to Zynga Poker!

[Page Updated 10 November 2019]

Read all about Zynga Poker below, OR Just scroll down to see the VIDEO to walk you through all the functions of Playing Zynga Poker Online on your Facebook account.

Zynga Poker has become a massive gaming platform for poker fanatics and noobs eager to learn the game. Zynga Poker is a fantastic platform in many ways, and yet there are some drawbacks that you need to know about if you plan on going further with your poker game.

What Is Zynga Poker?

Zynga is a gaming platform conveniently intermeshed with all Facebook accounts – when you turn it on. Playing Zynga Poker from within your Facebook account is a seamless experience, and before you know it, you’re going to be hooked. Zynga’s poker experience is worlds ahead of even the top poker companies online in the world. The game-user interface is SO easy to use and SO much better than other gaming platforms like WSOP, PokerStars, 888 Poker and others. You’ll understand as you try each of those.

Why Play Zynga Poker?

If you’re a pro or intermediate player, you won’t have a need for Zynga Poker unless you just want to try it for yourself and see what the hype is about. Even if you are a pro, you’ll appreciate how Zynga NAILED the user experience. There’s seriously nothing else even close. We (my daughter and I) play on our MacBook computers, IPad, and Samsung (Android) phones – every experience is as good as it gets. Super-easy to understand and not easy to make mistakes.

What Else Could You Ask for in an Online Poker Game Platform?

Well, for ONE, it could offer REAL MONEY POKER! Zynga does not, to date, have an option for playing a real game of poker for money. It’s certainly coming soon, they have tens of thousands of players online every time I look. At the moment there are 58,000 people playing Texas Holdem’ Poker at Zynga. I don’t know if that’s just the Facebook players or if that includes all other players as well.

You need not play using your Facebook account. You can just go to their Zynga.com website and sign up and play there. No fees, no money promised, no credit-card check, nothing. Just sign up and play. It’s seriously easy!


  • Easy to Play – the user-interface is second to none. Everything is very clear and large on the screen! Excellent graphics!
  • It’s FUN. Sure, you’re not winning real money, but there’s something fun about having a couple hundred million Zynga dollars in the bankroll.
  • Sit and Go and Spin to Win Poker Tournaments are fun. We’ll cover them later, but they’re an excellent way to change up the play and do something slightly different.
  • Zynga grabs your Facebook profile picture as your avatar. You can change it to be whatever you want on Facebook and Zynga Poker reflects the change. Cool! Oh, you can also choose from the other avatars
  • ALWAYS plenty of people to play. Zynga tries to keep similar-rated players playing in the same game, but you’re free to change tables and go find some FISH if you are tired of losing or tired of the players at your table!
  • If you’re any good at all, you can keep a decent bankroll because they give you free chips every 4 hours and bonuses every 12 hours. If you continually level up, you’ll get free chips by the millions every few days.


  • Play on Zynga Poker does NOT reflect similar play for money on other pay-for-play poker platforms like Pokerstars, 888 Poker, or others.
  • Play-money differential is massive between players at times. Someone may have $35,000,000 in chips while the buy-in is $2,000,000 max.
  • Playing on Facebook entails a long boot-up time – just under 1-minute usually.
  • Limited control over ‘Buddies’ notifications, and they can interfere with your poker hands.
  • When you enable chat in “Settings” you can see everything people chat – it’s group chat. There are some real losers spouting off at the mouth. You can just change rooms if it bothers you. Or, disable chat, but chat can be fun if used the right way.

How to Enable Zynga Poker in Facebook?

It’s super simple to start playing Zynga Poker in Facebook. While logged into Facebook, click in the search box at the top left of your page and enter, “Zynga Texas Holdem” or “Zynga Poker.” See the graphic below.

You can type in something about Texas Holdem Poker and get a number of different results. Choose the bright colored Zynga option and click “Play Now” as below.
Click the Play Now button in your own account to start Zynga Poker.

You’ll add some information and then the application will open up within Facebook. You can choose the full-screen option in the upper right-hand corner of the app. It looks like the choice below. Click the square made of corners in the top right.

When you click that square in the upper right, your app will take over the entire screen. It’s much nicer to play Zynga Poker in full-screen mode.

As you’re looking at the entire game, on your computer, phone, tablet, or whatever, start clicking around to see what you have at your disposal. Top right is “SETTINGS.” Probably best to start with that.


The SETTINGS allow you to do a couple of crucial things. Set them up as I have mine below to start, just so we’re on the same page.

Turn on the Poker Hand Strength Meter if you’re a new player. It gives you a status bar under your Hole Cards as you play. This bar changes with each play that is made at the table to tell you how the hand is doing according to probability. Sometimes helpful for some people.

Zynga Poker Leages

I made it to “Pro” level 14, but didn’t play enough to keep it. I’m down at Level 13 now.

Zynga’s Texas Holdem “Leagues” are an ongoing competitive rating you can get if you remain in the top 30 players of everyone in your level trying to reach the next level. Leagues go for 5 days. If you win enough money to make the Top 30 during that time, you’ll level-up to the next highest level. If not, you’ll actually level-DOWN. So, keep that in mind. I think if you make it to level 20 – the Top of the Top, you keep your level no matter what. I could be wrong on that. I made it as high as Level 14 before I had to quit to make some real money doing other stuff. You can waste your entire life on Zynga – it’s so fun!

Another Zynga Rating System

If you look in the image above, just under my name, you’ll see a yellow star and a “58: Natural” rating. This is an ongoing rating you cannot opt-out of, and you can see other player’s ratings when you click their avatar as you play. This clues you in a bit about their level of play because they may not have enabled Leagues ratings. To really go high in this rating, you need to buy chips from Zynga. Well, I’ve done well enough that I never needed to buy any chips, so the rating system is not really unbiased! 😛

Zynga Texas Holdem Poker Overview Video

You didn’t really think I was going to cover the dozens of features of Zynga with photos and words, did ya? A video is going to be so much better because I can show you faster and more thoroughly and you’ll “get it” more easily. Not that it’s difficult AT ALL. It’s super easy. Check out the video below.