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There are a number of YouTube Poker Vloggers I follow, and you might find some of them interesting as well. Below are their YouTube Poker Channels, Instagram accounts, Websites, and whatever else interesting they have going on. This is a continually growing list as I find people on YouTube that have great videos. I’ve ranked these somewhat in order because I figure the Poker Players at the top are the ones you’re going to enjoy too.

Top YouTube Poker Personalities

Andrew Lok

YouTubeTwitter | Instagram | Website

Though Andrew Lok only has 23 poker videos, I like his style the best. Super likable guy who seems to play well. I like his ultra-clear hand histories and he doesn’t go overboard with gimmicks or nonsense video extras. I wish he made more poker videos!

Marle Cordeiro / Barkley?

YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Marles is a really funny ex-model who plays poker at a high level and also lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her videos are unlike anything you’ve ever seen in the poker space. I loved them from Day 1. I hope she continues, but she’s not consistent at all.

Kristy Arnett

YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Kristy, in the past, worked with one of the online poker companies and did many interviews with some of the top poker players in the world. She eventually became a player herself. She and her newlywed husband took the risk and moved to Las Vegas, Nevada a few years back. Her videos deal more with the life of a poker professional, not so much covering hand histories. It’s interesting sometimes. Check out some of her past videos – she has years of them.

Brad Owen

YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Brad has an insane following. I’m not sure why. I mean, I like it, but not sure what the secret sauce is here. I missed it. His hand histories are very easy to understand, so that’s a huge positive. Maybe that’s it?

Andrew Neeme

YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Website

I don’t watch Andrew much, but he’s a popular Poker Vlogger.

Ryan Depaulo (Poker Degen/Degenerate)

YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Website

I’ve watched probably 90% of Poker Degen’s videos. They’re funny as hell sometimes, and that’s what I need when I’m watching videos, not a sermon. Ryan has the ability to do well, he cashed in a tournament he vlogged, and recently some company sent him to Costa Rica for a $5,000 entry tournament – all expenses paid. Super fun, and getting better all the time. I’d actually like to see more hand histories, but not complaining.

Jeff Boski

YouTube | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Jeff has an Instagram page, but it’s 98% dog photos and nothing to do with poker. Sorry, I’ve seen far too many damn pet photos! Cool dog though.

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