Marle Cordeiro – Texas Holdem Poker Vlogger

Marle Cordeiro Player Profile

Marle Cordeiro, Texas hold'em poker vlogger and player of no-limit holdem.

Marle is pronounced “Mar-lee”

Age: 33
Born: New York City, New York, USA
Location: Las Vegas, NV, USA
Year Began Playing Poker:
Tournament Cash Winnings: $24,249
Top Tournament Cash: $9,568
All-time Money List Rank: 69,515th
Friends: Brad Owen | Andrew Neeme
Social Media: YouTube (since 2018) | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Marle Cordeiro is the absolute funniest poker player to ever shoot a YouTube vlog. Nobody else is really doing anything even close to this funny. Check out the 2nd video below. She suffered some backlash from other poker players regarding her videos and not taking the game more seriously (or something) – I’m not sure what people were hating on her for, but a number of players didn’t think her acting like a whore to get money to play poker was funny. Again, the 2nd video below was outrageous hilarity.

To counterbalance all the fun and humor she brings to the poker world, Marle has gone through incredible hardship in her life. You can find it in her videos if you watch them all. I can’t recall which videos she talks about some of it. So sad, but she isn’t letting it drag her down any longer. I wish she’d put more into making a consistent stream of videos, but she’s only sporadically cranking one out.

Apparently, Marle is crushing it in certain live games according to her vlog. She doesn’t cash in tournaments often, but then she doesn’t prefer them either. Marle is backed by someone who is giving her a fantastic deal, so she is sometimes playing the higher-limit games and she is often doing well there.

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