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Johnnie 'Vibes' Moreno, a poker player and vlogger on YouTube.
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Age: 37
Born: USA
Education: Purdue, AS Degree in Computer Science
Location: Road Trip! He and his wife, Olga left Las Vegas and are driving around the USA.
Year Began Playing Poker: 2008
Tournament Cash Winnings: $101,376
Top Tournament Cash: $29,400
All-time Money List Rank: 20,509th
Friends: Brad Owen | Andrew Neeme
Social Media: YouTube (since 2016) | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Johnnie Moreno, aka Johnny Vibes is a well-known presence on YouTube and around the Las Vegas Casinos in no-limit hold’em cash games. Recently, he and his wife Olga left Las Vegas for a road trip around the USA. JV is inviting other poker players to meet him at various venues to play Texas Holdem Poker.

Recently Johnnie decided to charge a premium mark-up on his WSOP tournament package for investors. Apparently a couple of jealous bell-ends Shaun Dweeb and Dug Polk decided they’d embarrass him for trying. These two clowns are about the most unfunny, jackassed duo on the poker scene today. In order to break with tradition and move poker players into a better position to play, study, and win, they should charge whatever they CAN as a mark-up. Johnnie destroyed Deeb in a bet to settle the issue – see the short article here.

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