Jeff “Boski” Sluzinski – Texas Holdem Poker Vlogger

Jeff Boski Player Profile

Age: 39
Born: Michigan, USA
Education: University of Michigan
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Year Began Playing Poker: 2007
Tournament Cash Winnings: $891,549
Top Tournament Cash: $61,458
All-time Money List Rank: 2,471st
Friends: Ryan DePaulo | Norm Macdonald | Andrew Neeme
Social Media: YouTube (since 2016) | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Jeff Boski was a very successful online tournament poker player for years until the Black Friday event which crippled Poker and forced him to step out into the limelight and start playing live games and tournaments in casinos. Jeff made the transition look easy and was back to winning obscene amounts of money.

When Jeff focused on playing online Texas Holdem poker tournaments he used the player name “IcuRaRook” on Boski finished in the top tenth of one-percent of players on the annual list for 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011. Boski made over $2 million dollars just on the PokerStars website.

Lately, Jeff seems to have taken a downturn as far as cashing tournaments. It is not known how he’s doing in cash games at the casinos or private games, but he’s probably fine. His vlogs are still interesting, and he has a sense of humor that shows in his deadpan videos if you listen closely.

The video we feature below is quite good. Jeff isn’t one to hold his tongue, and at 6’5″ he rarely needs to. He got sucked-out on by a player in a tournament and the player celebrated spectacularly. This pissed Jeff off and he told about it in one of his vlogs or blogs. The guy confronted him shortly afterward. Super funny how Jeff tells the story… Don’t miss that video below.

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