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Rules of Texas Holdem’ Poker

Texas Holdem’ Poker is the most fun, and the most widely played form of Poker in the world, so we focus on that here at When you tell others you enjoy ‘playing poker’ everyone assumes you’re talking about Texas Holdem’ anyway. Some people don’t even know it’s called TX holdem’!

How to Play Texas Holdem’ Poker

1 – The “Dealer” burns (discards) the first card, then deals each player two cards from the full deck of playing cards clockwise starting from his left. Jokers are removed from the deck prior to dealing.

2 – Players decide, after looking at their cards, if the cards are worth playing, depending on where they are sitting in relation to the dealer.

How do players know good hands from bad hands?

Hand Ranking >

3 – If there is one blind, the player to the right of the dealer puts this amount of money, the blind, into the pot of money for the hand to start. The blind(s) is not optional, he/she puts the money in regardless. Often there is a small and a big blind. When that is in play, the player on the right is the small blind and the player two people to the right of the dealer adds the big blind to the pot. The small blind is usually half the big blind amount.

4 – Play starts with the player to the left of the dealer acting. He must decide to play, fold, or raise. There may be a limit on how much the player can raise, but usually, people like to play no-limit. The only limit is the amount you bought in for. To start the game, the buy-in might be $300 USD. Everyone must put that much in to start. In a few hours, someone may have $1,500 and other players may be down to $10, or may have re-bought in for another $300 to keep playing because they lost their original $300. You can re-buy as many times as you can afford.

5 – The next player to his left then must decide whether to play or fold, or call (match the money raised), or re-raise (call the money raised and raise the bet even more).

6 – This goes around the table clockwise so everyone gets a chance to play or fold.

7 – The Dealer burns (discards) one card and then ‘FLOPS’ 3 cards face up in the center of the table.

8 – A new round of betting takes place, starting with the person to the left of the person on the left of the dealer, and going clockwise.

9 – The Dealer burns one card and turns up the ‘TURN’ card. A round of betting commences.

10 – The Dealer burns one card and turns over the ‘RIVER’ (final) card. There are 5 cards on the table and any player still in the hand compares his hand with what is showing in the common cards on the table. The best hand is made and a final round of betting takes place.

11 – Player with ‘THE NUTS’ (the winning hand) shows his hand and the other player can show or not. If the other player won, of course, he must show his cards.

That is just the “FIRST HAND.” There may be hundreds of hands played during a session. Any player can leave any time she choses. It is considered bad taste to leave after winning a very large pot. People do it, but you’re not going to make any friends leaving immediately after a big score!

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