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You’ve reached the page where you can see me play Sit n Go tournaments on video as I play on Zynga every day. Review my hands and see how I play. I am not the best player in the world, but I often win tournaments. There are some good tips for tournament poker play online in these videos. You’ll share my frustration and elation as the cards and my play dictate what happens.

Sit-n-Go tournaments involve quite a bit more luck than regular Poker Play. If you don’t get the cards, you’re not going to win in most cases. People are under-the-gun and want to get results. To do that, people play more aggressively. Couple that with the fact that Zynga is free money play – without any of your own money in the mix at all in most cases, and the result just doesn’t matter too much to too many people.


Zynga Sit-n-Go Tournament Videos

2 July 2019 | $100,000 Buy In | 3rd Place | No Cash!! | Language WARNING!


Q,8 off suit | 4,6 off suit | 9,K off suit | 7,9 suited
7,A suited | 3,J off suit | 9,Q off suit | 2,4 off suit
3,2 suited | 9,Q off suit | 10,K suited | 7,8 off suit
4,6 suited | 9,8 suited | 6,K off suit | 3,4 suited
2,Q off suit | Q,6 off suit | 3,4 off suit | 4,8 off suit
J,9 off suit


Aces – 1, 2’s – 3, 3’s – 4, 4’s – 5, 5’s – 0, 6’s – 3, 7’s – 3, 8’s – 4, 9’s – 6, 10’s – 1, Jacks – 2, Queens – 4, Kings – 3

3 July 2019 | $500,000 Buy In | 1st Place | Won $1.5mm!| Language WARNING!

In this game, I smashed a big pot early on and was in the $140,000 range and it took forever before I was finally able to win the tournament. Finally, I employed my drain the clock technique so the blinds were so high that it bankrupt my opponents. At the end here I get a bit REKT and start cussing like a sailor. Language warning for those easily offended. Zynga, well, Poker in general, can do this to a person!

4 July 2019 | $100,000 Buy In | 1st Place | Won $300,000!| Language WARNING!

In this small-stakes Zynga Poker Tournament I started with a pair of Kings. I don’t like to go ALL IN on any tournament in the first few hands unless I have the NUTS. If I pick up a pair of Kings or Aces though… Gotta give it a shot at the low stakes. Unfortunately only one other person stayed in the hand. I picked up a set of Kings – which was welcome.

As the hand goes forward, I end up playing against two players I don’t enjoy. The girl in the top left calls over and over and raises everything, bluffing like mad… aggressive play during tournaments is smart play though, so I have to hand it to her. Still, it puts me in a spot where I’m hoping to smash her at some point. The player in lower right shied away from nearly all hands unless she had something she considered great – which was not always great. Eventually I was able to beat them both for the WIN.

Zynga is an easy way to get in THOUSANDS of hands, but don’t fool yourself. This is not like playing for real money. Still, you can get the basics down quickly and learn some advanced strategies to try – all for free. I’m hoping Zynga offers real money Texas Hold’em in the very near future.

5 July 2019 | $500,000 Buy In | 2nd Place | Won $750,000!| Language WARNING!

On this one, I have to be honest. I started with a $250K buy-in Spin-n-Win tournament. I was about 3 hands in. I had the absolute nuts, and my internet went WONKY on me! Because I didn’t raise in time, or call or something – Zynga gave the hand to the bad guy! WTF! I was pissed and shut off the game. I ‘ll try to find it and post it below. I was going to just trash it. Maybe it’s funny now. It was so NOT FUNNY then. Ha-ha…

OK, no. I’ve already deleted it. Damn. Anyway, so that’s something you have to contend with when playing online poker tournaments or regular hands at a table – the internet could zonk out and you can lose cash. Another good reason to play Zynga only if your internet is no good!

6 July 2019 | $1 Millon Buy-in | 1st Place – Won $3 Million! | Language Warning!

This one went well. Sometimes the higher amount tournaments go better than the cheaper to enter tournaments. This is one of those examples.

8 July 2019 | $250K Buy-in | 1st Place – Won $1.5 Million! | Language Warning!

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