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Brad Owen, California native and Texas hold'em poker vlogger and player of no-limit holdem games in CA and around the USA.
Brad talking about his huge downswing in February 2018. Video here.

Age: 32
Born: USA
Location: Las Vegas, CA, USA (previously Santa Rosa, CA)
Year Began Playing Poker: YT Vlog began 2017
Tournament Cash Winnings: $14,409
Top Tournament Cash: $6,202
All-time Money List Rank: 95,318th
Friends: Marle Cardeiro | Andrew Neeme | Johnnie Vibes
Social Media: YouTube (since 2017) | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Brad Owen is a relatively new YouTube Poker vlogger, but he already has nearly 200K subscribers. He blogs often and he seems like a down-to-earth guy that is easy to relate to. Brad has a sense of humor, but he rarely shows it in the blog. Here’s one funny interview he did with Jeff Boski that I enjoyed.

Brad and Andrew Neeme seem to have teamed up quite a bit lately. I guess it’s good to have someone to hang out with and do things with. Both are good players and they probably run hand-histories by each other. They’re in a LOT of videos together lately. They may be attempting to dominate YouTube by teaming up. They both have a similar online personality and style, but don’t joke nearly enough for my tastes. I’ll take Jeff Boski and Ryan DePaulo, anytime. No, wait. I’ll watch Marle Cordeiro before all of them – the lady fascinates me.

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