Andrew Neeme – Texas Holdem Poker Vlogger

Andrew Neeme, born in Michigan, now a Texas Holdem no-limit poker player and well-known YouTube vlogger.
Andrew Neeme’s YouTube profile pic. Nothing like he looks today.

Andrew Neeme Player Profile

Age: 40
Born: Michigan
Education: 2003 Graduate of Michigan State University (Telecommunications BA)
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada
Year Began Playing Poker: 2003. Started YT Vlog 2016.
Tournament Cash Winnings: $90,000+
Top Tournament Cash: $11,816
All-time Money List Rank: 22,811th
Friends: Marle Cordeiro | Andrew Lok | Brad Owen | Johnnie Vibes | Jeff Boski
Social Media: YouTube (since 2016) | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Search Poker Vloggers on YouTube and Andrew Neeme’s name will come up because he has been hammering out the videos since 2016, and he has decent editing and has built up a following among those who love to see hand histories. He mentions Casey Neistat as an influence for his video productions, and it shows. Nice vids!

It’s odd, but there are not many Texas Holdem Players doing hand histories on YT. If you’re a regular grinder, why not start producing your own videos? It isn’t difficult, and at worst it will get you some recognition and a couple of pizzas at the end of the month when the YT checks come.

Our Favorite Andrew Neeme Poker Video – What he’d tell his younger self

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