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Andrew Lok, Texas Holdem Poker player (hobbyist) not yet professional poker day job player.
Best poker hand-history videos on YT.

Age: 26?
Born: USA
Location: San Francisco, CA, USA
Year Began Playing Poker: YT Vlog began 2018.
Tournament Cash Winnings: $16,045
Top Tournament Cash: $5,345
All-time Money List Rank: 88,834th
Friends: Brad Owen | Andrew Neeme
Social Media: YouTube (since 2016) | Twitter | Instagram | Website

Andrew Lok is definitely one of our top 3 favorite vloggers on YouTube. If you can’t figure it out, Boski and Marle are the other two. No, Andrew isn’t that funny, but for some reason, I enjoy his hand-histories and video editing more than other vloggers. Everyone has their favorites, I guess. Andrew refers to himself as a poker enthusiast. He’s a hobbyist. He makes about one video per week on average lately, and at least once he said he was done making YT videos so he could concentrate on other things. He has a die-hard group of followers (like us) and hopefully, he keeps churning out the awesome videos.

Andrew plays mostly cash games, and seems to enjoy that more than tournaments. I think he has a day job, so he is playing poker just recreationally for the most part. He seems to be every bit as good as Andrew Neeme or Brad Owen, so I’m not sure what his situation is. Maybe he’s considering playing poker full-time. Maybe his family is pressuring him to keep his other job? No idea. Does anyone have an idea?

Andrew’s playing style is solid, but he does seem to have many instances where he just cannot find a fold. He knows he should fold, but he’s either feeling lucky or wants to get some more information out of a player so he’ll keep playing instead of folding. Despite this, Andrew seems to win a lot of hands and is typically up $800+ on a typical session.

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